Web Application


We Offer Web Application Development With Less Administrative Effort and Easy-To-Manage.
Ten of Thousands of Views Per Second From A Static Personal Website
Even Complex Web Systems Can Be Handled.

Project Example

  • EC Site System
    EC Site System
  • Enterprise Management System
    Enterprise Management System
  • ChatBot
  • Web API
    Web API
  • Existing Systems Refactoring
    Existing Systems Refactoring

Fignny's Strengths in Web Application Development

1. It's OK even if you don't know the difficult thing

There are many development companies that say "Please provide the requirements and specifications. It can not be made without it".
However, this is like a construction company asking clients to present a blueprint. This is should be one of the expertise to accurately pin down client's vague request into requirements and system specifications.
That's why Fignny will conduct a proactive meeting with the client to help define requirements and develop specifications.

2. It's OK with minimum start

When developing a new web application, the scale is small and the maintenance cost is low.
Based on our extensive server development experience, we offer you a flexible configuration that allows you to choose the right cloud vendor that maintains functionality and it is affordable yet scalable.

※We will be able to build it on-premises.

3. Design and implementation that is easy-to-operate

Once the web application is delivered, the client's self-directed operation starts from there.
However, poor design can cost several times to several tens of times more to manage, such as "asking the development company to aggregate data", "not knowing what server alert messages mean", "difficult to use management screen", and "it takes days for data recovery".
There are challenges that exist in many systems, although is said that automation is a matter of course.
Fignny will consider the cost of the client's confidence several years later and suggest the best design at the beginning.

Points To Note In Fignny's Web Application Development

1. Operational Capabilities

As Fignny is a small number of elite workers and mainly involved in development, maintenance operations are not conducted 24/7.
If you leave it to operation, we are limited to web applications that are available during business hours.

※If you want a full 24-hour system, we can also inform you about the management company seperately.

2. Large-Scale Development

Due to the small number of workers in Fignny, the maximum number of employees per project is four.
Please note that we will be able to cooperate with our partners for development beyond that in a larger scale.