Mobile Application


For Both Android and iOS Devices, We Offers A Wide Range of Commercial Applications From Online Communications To 3D Applications Using Game Engines.



  • Google Play
  • app store ios11
  • swift
  • kotlin
  • Flutter
  • Unity

Advantages of developing mobile applications by Fignny against other competitors

1. It's OK even if you don't know the difficult thing

There are many development companies that say "Please provide the requirements and specifications. It can not be made without it".
However, this is like a construction company asking clients to present a blueprint. This is should be one of the expertise to accurately pin down client's vague request into requirements and system specifications.
That's why Fignny will conduct a proactive meeting with the client to help define requirements and develop specifications.

2. Mock image matching

UI / UX (appearance and usability) is particulary important for mobile applications, however, some developers often see them as a second priority, resulting in cost and time increases due to modifications. By providing a mock image exclusively for movement and layout at an early stage, we will work with the client to match our image and proceed with this development.

※The price of the mock will be generated, but at the end, almost always cheap.

※If the client can provide us with an accurate specification, we can omit and reduce the cost.

3. Implementation variation

It is a natural desire for the client to request the application be made for both OS (Android, iOS).
In that case, there are two patterns.

① Develop iOS and Android in their own language
② Develop iOS and Android in the same language using a dedicated mechanism

While ① is much more subtle than ②, it also doubles in time and cost.
Large developers often have the ability to support both ① and ②, but we can support both in small organization, so we can implement the right way to fit the client's requirements.

Points To Note In Fignny's Mobile Application Development

1. Operational Capabilities

As Fignny is a small number of elite workers and mainly involved in development, maintenance operations are not conducted 24/7.
If you leave it to operation, we are limited to mobile applications that are available during business hours.

※If you want a full 24-hour system, we can also inform you about the management company seperately.

2. Large-Scale Development

Due to the small number of workers in Fignny, the maximum number of employees per project is four.
Please note that we will be able to cooperate with our partners for development beyond that in a larger scale.