Lead Engineer


  • Server-side Application
  • Front-end Web
  • Unity
  • NoSQL


From Okinawa. After graduating from university, I moved to Tokyo and joined a system development company. I was involved in the development of CMS and Web systems for Galaxy content, which was at its peak at the time. After that, I became an SES and freelancer, however, I have been developing a web system. I have been doing Unity since around April of this year.


My hobby is running. I kept on running for a long way to junior high school and high school, so I am still continuing with that trend. Recently, I run about 10 kilometres three times a week.

The Good Points of Fignny

It's a place where you can actively try even in an inexperienced field!

The Bad Points of Fignny

For now, there is nothing special to mention.

The Person Who I Want To Work With

Simply put, positive people! I think that there are many things could not be started in any industry, however, you can get inspired if you work with people who have a positive attitude such as "You Can Do it!".