The Thought I made To Give The Company Name

We are an organization of developers responsible for integrated application development such as web, mobile and 3D / xR.
I like Monodzukuri 'making of things' and it's inevitable.
The company name holds conditions for us to live happily while making our favorite Monodzukuri.

The company name "Fignny" is a word that combines Fin (tail fin, web) + Ignition (firing, ignition device).
It is a coined word that describes the beginning of the Fin fish from hatching out of the egg to swimming in the ocean full of enemies, carrying the only natural weapon possessed by the tail fin and the instinct flame of "Surviving".

What does "tail fin" stands for us?
It is "The power to think".

That's because there is a huge different in every industry that uses computers.

  • Changing Efficient IT application development to RPA package
  • Changing from car navigation to automatic driving
  • Changing of production process from hand-drawn animation to CG animation
  • Changing from 3D to VR

This is just one example but the same thing happens in every industry that uses computers. (Graphics, cars, animation..etc.)
It is said that Amazon Go will eliminate part-time jobs at convenience stores, however, now that applications can be created without technical knowledge, developers are no exception.
That is why we think that the most important thing in the world is to challenge as a developer not by "financial power" or "strange" but by "power to think and keep updating ourselves".

Also, we need "flame", or energy to sustain our thinking.
The origin of the flame is a strong, persistent thing that is rooted in one's nature, such as curiosity, passion, frustration and anger.

We hereby declare that we will always have these two things and continue digital manufacturing.

I would be fortunate if I could meet my clients and my companions who would walk with us like this.

Thank you very much for reading it to the end.


CEO Keisuke Satomi
CEO Keisuke Satomi