Technical Artist


  • 3D Design
  • Unity
  • Video Editing
  • C#
  • Motion Capture


From Saudi Arabia. I love games, and I enjoyed playing games from NES to PlayStation, just like in Japan while in Saudi Arabia. At university, I majored in IT, and after graduation, I worked in Saudi Arabia for one year as an IT analyst. Then, I advanced to Sydney university in Australia, where I earned a master's degree in digital media. Then, to realize Japan's dream of "making my own game", which was a dream from childhood, I went to Japan. Currently a technical artist from Fignny. I am planning a next-generation game that all generations can enjoy using the latest technology.


Video games, board games, jogging, watching movies, trying out the latest gadgets. In addition, I have compiled “Game Criticism” that analyses the story development, graphics, movements of characters, etc., for the game actually played.

The Good Points of Fignny

We have an environment where everyone can work as a team regardless of age or position. It's a tech company that you can tests VR equipment, do games and yoga in an office where they can talk freely with the CEO and it is a well-balanced corporate culture.

The Bad Points of Fignny

Despite Fignny being a tech company, its location is in a very calm and residential area.

The Person Who I Want To Work With

People who want to create new technology, service, content. Able to move in a flexible manner. Those who have their own opinions and ideas, not passive. Those who can accept other people's thoughts and take constructive communication. One with passion.